Sunday, November 25, 2012

Its been a long break!

Hi everyone!

It has been a very long time that Ive last post here and I decided to come back to my dear fashion blog, Stylison to blog about my loves on fashion again!

Although I have not blogged for a long time, my love for shopping is always the same! I will find time for myself [at least once in a week] to splurge on my temptations and buy beautiful apparels that I have been fantasizing about. Its just that I have no time to blog all my splurges and the things I love about fashion.... that are my excuses! 

Here are my latest shopping splurge:

ALDO loafers!!! 

It is like love at first sight when I saw this pair of loafers! Its yellow is bright in colour and when it fits my wardrobe staple, and I got this pretty loafers.

My little Pony phone dustcaps!!!

Having Dustcaps on phone is a fashion statement to make and it is trending right here in Singapore. It comes in all kinds of shapes and adorable patterns.

My 'dustcaps craze' right now, is My little Pony dustcaps! They are so adorable! As a child, I have My Little Pony toys and I would comb their mane and play with them, and now having this dustcaps brought back happy childhood memories for me. I bought many MLP dustcaps and selling some online.

Check out my instagram shop: ilovefleamarkets     and order your MLP dustcaps now :)

Thursday, March 8, 2012


It has been a long long time since I last updated Stylison.Often, excuses swamped up to me and I just gave in it to the temptation of updating Stylison the next day. I realize that recently, many fashion bloggers updated their fashion blogs less frequent as compared to the past few months. From my view, updating blogs about our fashion loves and what not should come from us as passion rather than a trend to follow. I hope that there are many fashionista update their blogs on daily basis and continue to inspire others on fashion.

I came across one of the posts on Stockholm Streestyle and I am awed by it. I always think that wearing flower prints together in same outfit comes together clashy. When I saw this photo, it proved me otherwise. Natalia Alaverdian pulled off the look flower prints perfectly and this inspired me. Hope that her look inspires you too!

xxx Stylison xxx

Saturday, January 7, 2012


Happy New Year!!! 2011 has passed and welcome the new year 2012!
2012 will be a fantastic year ahead for me filled with fun, and more travel. I am going to packed my 3 months holiday right after my Year 1 exams fill with  travel adventures.

Few weeks back, I went to Bali, Indonesia. I loved Bali, it is a beautiful place with beautiful beaches, friendly locals, fantastic place to shop for beach wears. It is a place to take you to another world away.

The bought the blue maxi sundress in one of the shops in Bali. I haggled and got a great price from it. I love the sundress and I wore it right away after I bought! Not to miss out getting straw hat, flower clips, to go with the dress.

There are lots of amazing things that I can do in Bali and its a pity I didnt part-take in them.Look forward to going to Bali again.

Blue Sundress: Bought in Bali
Batik Bag: Bought in Bali

xxx Stylison xxx

Friday, December 30, 2011

It's Snowing!

Merry Christmas! It's snowing! Singapore is known to be 'all year summer' country, it does not snow here. Its Christmas right and lights up the cheery atmosphere everywhere!
I wanted to add some snow on my nails and I went for manicure requesting for this design. I choose Green to suit  the themes of the Christmas party that I am attending afterwards.

Share with me what colours and designs did you had on your nails during this festive season.

xxx Stylison xxx

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Dancing Spots

Recently, I had interest in experimenting the style Androgyny. I played with blazers and leather pants, these seems to bring the best out in the style. I wore a Fedora to complete the look. I search for my perfect fedora and this( the one Im wearing) in Cotton On shop. I love the way how it fits onto my head. Whats cute is that it has a feather on it. I match it with my black spotted blouse, which is my favourite. Whenever, Im wearing the blouse, it brings back my childhood memories on how much I love to watch ' Dalmatian 101'

Special thanks to Milton,my buddy for the photos!

Black spotted blouse: Zara
Boyfriend Blazer: Ohsofickle
Leather pants: Zara
Fedora: Cotton On
Black and Gold Twisted Bracelet: Forever 21
Chanel Leather Bracelet
White Oxford Shoes: New Look
Golden Arrow Necklace: Rubi Shoes
Triple Rings: Diva

xxx Stylison xxx

Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Summer- The Autumn

Lately, I paid more attention to what colours I wore on my nails.

For my nails, I want to add in some fun by painting bright yellow and orange coats to signify the transition from Summer to Autumn.

As for my toes, I applied a layer of royal blue polish and along with one coat of OPI Go On Green and it turns out great!

I just went for clothes buffet. I will share more with you in my next post!

xxx Stylison xxx

Monday, September 26, 2011

First Dreamtrip: Chiangmai! I had an Awesome time!

Last month, I went to Chiangmai, Thailand for holiday and its my very first dreamtrip :)

The trip was awesome! I stayed Suriwongse Hotel in Chiangmai for 4D3N. A day's dinner was included in the trip along with lots of things throw in during the trip! I love free and easy travels where I have more time for myself on shopping. I bought many things from Chiangmai! Lots of photos had been taken to capture the amazing time as memories. I posted some photos here for you to check it out.
The tranquil city have left me a great impression, and I love to be back there!

Firs Photo
Red Vinatge Polka dots blouse: Bought in Chiangmai
Denim shorts
Sunglass: Forever 21

xxx Stylison xxx

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Just as Simple as Summer

University has just started! Its the third day of my varsity life and I got to meet new people, make friends. Long hours of lectures takes up lots of energy and I have to absorb all the concepts like a sponge that were taught during lectures.
The fun part of varsity life to meet is get to meet more new friends.

The outfit photos were taken some time ago when I went to my friend's high school drama. The play was Fantastic and I feel that it match up to the plays outside.

It is fun to play denim with floral together this summer.

Denim Shirt
Floral tank top: Cotton On
Denim shorts: Cotton ON
Chanel Leather bracelet
Black and Gold Twisted Bracelet: Forever 21
Elephant necklace: Forever 21
Black ring: Forever 21
White oxford shoes: New Look

xxx Stylison xxx