Sunday, March 28, 2010

Floral Play@Flea

Photo taken on 27/3/10, Saturday

Going to FlashLightBatteries Flea later.
Love the air hellum balloons.

What: White butterfly Top, floral skirt,black bangles, Chanel bracelet, Bronze Bracelet, Heart ring, Chanel ring, black tights[1st picture]

Bodycon match

Photo taken on 26/3/10, Friday, Singapore

Hurray! Went to ice-skating with my friends. I wore bodycon with jeans and it turn out to be not as bad as I think. Its a little uncomfortable thou.

What: Bodycon, blue jeans, Chanel-inspired blazer, black belt, black oxford inspired shoes, little black bag, pearl bracelet, Chanel-inspired bracelet

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Denim Fun

Photo taken on 11/1/10, Monday---First Day of Year2

What: Topshop OUTOFCONTROL oversized top, denim skirt, black belt, lacy wedges, brown vintage bag, leather braclet, pearl braclet, feather headband

Fashion Diary

I love fashion. Fashion is my life. Fashion provides an escape away from the current unhappiness, stress that Im facing in life now. With Fashion, it gets my creative juices flowing.

I love to dress according to places Im going to, my mood and not to forgot about the latest trends.It gives me a sense of who I am and a platform to enhance my taste and prefances for Fashion.

Stylison, is a pseudonym I gave myself, an identity for my love for Fashion. The birth of this Fashion Diary serves as a record for me to keep track of my inspirations.

Im going to update this blog asap with the different outfits that I wore out.

xxx Stylisonxx x