Monday, January 31, 2011

Studs and everywhere with me---Studs

It have been pouring with heavy rains for few days and when the chilly wind blows; my hands turn cold, I start to freeze. It is the worse 'winter' I have experienced in all year round sunny Singapore. I am hoping that the rain storms will clear and the sun will rise and heat up the cold earth again. So how is the weather like in your country now? Is it bad? The news reports many incidents of snow storms and vehicles got stuck in thick snows.

Studded things becomes my new fad addiction. Im always attracted to anything studded. Studs are powerful tools that are able to bring out the attitude in outfits. I have been wearing this studded cardigan everywhere, to work, to meetup with friends. It becomes my favourite in my wardrobe. No matter what I put on, as long as I throw on this studded cardigan, my outfit will somehow look complete.

The f21 heart ring and the tear drop rings have become one of my favourite rings recently, and I have been wearing these rings around.

I managed to take clear shots with a little of sun. I went to the Hooked flea and bought ASOS grecian dress at a very low price and ordered CHANEL nail decor. Cant wait to put on the CHANEL decor on my nails.

I met up with Karen and Caryn. Caryn applied her baking skills and baked for my chocolate muffins. The muffins in this photo are in dark shades, but they are in lighter brown. I cant wait to try her muffin with the sweet mocha syrup she prepared. Thanks Caryn!

Drappy Studded Cardigan: Cotton On
Silk blouse: thrifted; flea market
Dark blue denim cuff-up shorts: Cotton On
Red studded skinny belt: Talisman's
Tear drop ring: thrifted, flea market
Red Heart shaped ring: Forever 21
pink fairy ring: Indiesin
Quilted Bag: thrifted; flea market
Dark Blue ankle shoes: Bought online

xxx Stylison xxx

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Urban style and edgy

Its winter season and I can feel the chilliness of the wind that blow down from the North in tropical country like Singapore. I dont get to experience and see snow personally as it does not snow in Singapore. Nevertheless, knits plays a great part in the clothes that I wore. It is hard not to adore knits! They are great pieces that I can mix and match to dress up to work!

Grey stripped knitted pullover: thrift shop
Grey shirt: Bought in Thailand
Vintage black pants: from my mum
3-way backpack: Princessess

xxx Stylison xxx

Sunday, January 9, 2011

OPI Black Shatter

Photos taken on 8/01/11, Saturday

I went to my friend, Beverley' s house to do my nails.
I tried this new nail polish OPI Black Shatter by Kate Perry and its so cool!
After applying the base coat and the pink glittery nail polish, Teengae Dream by kate Perry, and then apply the Black Shutter nail polish on top.

And this Black Shutter nail polish works wonder, and the shatter effect starts to take place immediately.
To end with it, Beverley applied the transparent nail polish over to give a finished shiny look to my nails.

I really love this nails and get this OPI Black Shutter nail polish!

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the make-up blogette

Have a great weekend!

xxx Stylison xxxx

Friday, January 7, 2011

Simple as for work

Photos taken on 6/1/10, Wednesday

This shall be my first post of the year!

I had been working for one month and I wanted to take my work outfit to post and share on Stylison but did not have much opportunities to do so.

This outfit is one of my favourite ones that I would wear to work. I love the top. The material is soft and comfortable made from good cotton. And the pants is vintage; from my mum.

I will braid my fringe to work to give a nice neat look.

I dont accessorise my outfit when I go to work, and I do miss wearing my rings.

Grecian white top: the 80's
Black pants: from mum
Red envelope bag(carry as clutch): Online buys
Chanel logo sandals: online buys

xxx Stylison xxx