Thursday, March 8, 2012


It has been a long long time since I last updated Stylison.Often, excuses swamped up to me and I just gave in it to the temptation of updating Stylison the next day. I realize that recently, many fashion bloggers updated their fashion blogs less frequent as compared to the past few months. From my view, updating blogs about our fashion loves and what not should come from us as passion rather than a trend to follow. I hope that there are many fashionista update their blogs on daily basis and continue to inspire others on fashion.

I came across one of the posts on Stockholm Streestyle and I am awed by it. I always think that wearing flower prints together in same outfit comes together clashy. When I saw this photo, it proved me otherwise. Natalia Alaverdian pulled off the look flower prints perfectly and this inspired me. Hope that her look inspires you too!

xxx Stylison xxx