Saturday, August 28, 2010

the sun was blazing hot and bright

Photos taken on 12/8/10, Thursday

Im so sorry about not updating any post on my blog for this whole week. Im had been busing studying for my upcoming prelims which is two weeks away.Feeling rather anxious for my papers.
I have to apologise again as I may not be updating any outfit post for the next of 1-2months as Im need to prepare for my leaving school examination to college. Most likely I wont be going out and dressing up much. But I will promise to update this blog with outfit post after Ive completed my A level exams =)

The period before examinations is the most stressful period in my education life and of course any students education life. The fear of under-performing and not making to the mark spurs me to study hard. So I made it a 'must' for me to abstain away from flea markets, shopping...which is quite a difficult task for me if you ask me not to shop.

After this examination, Im going to go for flea markets for sure and my junior college(high school ) graduation(prom) night. =)

What: Green t-shirt, Cotton On dark blue denim cuffup shorts, black convertible vintage bagpack, leather golden locket bracelet, black shades, Cotton On grady sneakers in floral, f21 golden plated butterfly ring with rhinestones

Monday, August 16, 2010

Sunny day @ Marina Sands

Photos taken on 8/8/10, Sunday

heart the colourful board.its makes me happy =)

Its the eve of Singapore's national day, my cousin decided to bring my grandma to Marina Sands. I went along with my uncle and aunt.

Marina Sands is an integrated resort. The place is really huge and spacious. It is common to see the corridors of shopping malls in Singapore narrowly cramped with rows of shops. But it is different for Marina Shops, the pathways are spacious enough for one not to feel cramped by other shoppers. The mall is filled with high-end retail shops. Chanel is going to open its store at Marina Sands.

After which, we went to the Central at Clark Quay for coffee. We found this beautiful board that was creatively decorated with colourful beans. Each boxes on the board represents the shop at the Central. I saw the boxes for Starbucks and Sticky my favourite candy store that sells rock candy=)

I will post a collection of my rings soon to share with you my rings collection. Im crazy over rings and go around collecting them!

What: denim dress, Nicie's Military vest, black convertible vintage bag-bagpack, black twisted bracelet, black Chanel leather bracelet, golden ribbon ring, hoots ring, Chanel logo ring, huge heart ring, dark blue ankle boots, golden plaited headband

xxx Stylison xxx

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Featured In: Interview

Hi readers! Im so excited to share with you that Im featured on this blog: A Country Girl Blogs.

I was interviewed by CG Blogger. It is a great opportunity for me to share my thoughts about fashion. Do check out the interview=)

My favourite OOTD (outfit-of-the-day)
7/7/10 outfit---Boyfriend blazer

xxx Stylison xxx

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Balloons Flying

Photos taken on 6/8/10, Friday

On this date,my college[high school] was celebrating National Day. Hurray! Singapore's National day was on 9 August 2010, which just passed. The whole collge gathered at the parade square under the blazing sun.

We were going to release balloons up. Each student were given a balloon.J2s will get white balloons while the J1s will get red balloons. We stand under the sun for about half an hour and everyone is perspiring. Balloons around me kept busting due to the hot atmosphere that give the air molecules more kinetic about Physics.

The moment came and start to release our balloons. It was such a pretty sight. I took many photos but posted some here=)
The photos turn out to be awesome under the bright light=)

I will be updating my outfit post soon. Do keep a look out for it=)

xxx Stylison xxx

Monday, August 2, 2010

Forever 21: I HEART NERDS and my latest love


Forever 21 new collection is launched and its on sale at its website.
This collection as it is filled with fun and colourful printed apparels. I adore the printed cardigans and feel like getting one too. I love the postman jacket in their collection as it is cute. I really hope that " I heart nerds" collection will hit in the stores of f21 in Singapore soon.

My latest craze for apparels and the 'I must have' stuff is the laced leggings shown in the photo above. I look through Vanessa's blog update The Haute Pursuit. The laced leggings caught my eyes and I want it! I cant wait to get my hands on the lacy leggings.
What do you think of the lacy leggings?

xxx Stylison xxx