Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Balloons Flying

Photos taken on 6/8/10, Friday

On this date,my college[high school] was celebrating National Day. Hurray! Singapore's National day was on 9 August 2010, which just passed. The whole collge gathered at the parade square under the blazing sun.

We were going to release balloons up. Each student were given a balloon.J2s will get white balloons while the J1s will get red balloons. We stand under the sun for about half an hour and everyone is perspiring. Balloons around me kept busting due to the hot atmosphere that give the air molecules more kinetic energy...talk about Physics.

The moment came and start to release our balloons. It was such a pretty sight. I took many photos but posted some here=)
The photos turn out to be awesome under the bright light=)

I will be updating my outfit post soon. Do keep a look out for it=)

xxx Stylison xxx


  1. I love Singapore! Visited this summer and might go to fashion school at LaSalle after high school!

  2. khosla: thanks! LaSalle is renowned as a arts school.good choice to pursue a fashion degree there=)

    do visit my blog often


  3. have you seen high school musical? the releasing of the balloons remind me of the graduation scene in the third movie :)
    i love hsm, despite being 18 :D

  4. kani: yes I do=)
    love releasing the balloons in school its a pretty sight=)



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