Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mug till Im bored

Photos taken on 24/6/10, Thursday

I mugged for my H1Biology paper for many days till Im bored. I look through my accessories pile near my table and found this headband with black double bow and a veil attached, and I wore it. When I looked at the mirror, I look great with the headbandband and decided to take photos to post here in this blog.

I bought this hairband from Forever21 and I only worn it once out. Promise that I will wear it again out and post it on my blog soon.

My exams are round the corner, it will last about 2 weeks and I have to mug. I wont be updating this blog till my exams have ended.

A short farewell to my readers. I will be sitting for my h1Biology Midyear papers tomorrow.

What: Forever 21 veiled bow headband

xxx Stylison xxx

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


HYPEED! that is the new website Ive discovered on Style of a Fashionista.

You might have seen those cute little pink hearts next to the photos in this blog. They are created by Hpypeed! Create an account at Hypeed and with a click on the heart, it will be added to your inspiration page at hpypeed!
People will be able to add your photos to their inspiration page, AND your pics will also appear on the inspirations homepage. Yes, you got it, everyone will be able to see your pictures, and surely click on your blog to check it out!

Ive submitted one of my photos with my pink aviators for competition. Do support me by voting for me!Thanks

Please click on to the no. to rate my photos.thanks!

xxx Stylison xxx

Sunday, June 20, 2010

My alexa chung bag has arrived!

Photo taken on 18/6/10, Friday

My pre-order on Alexa Chung bag had arrived!
I went down to Simei to meet the blogshop owner to collect my bag.
I am please and I like the bag a lot. Its red in colour and it looks awesome when carried with the sling and the braided handle of the bag.

After receiving the bag, I transferred all my valuables into the alexa chung bag!

What: white lacy floral sleeve top, New Future grey ripped skinnies, black blazer, red mulberry Alexa Chung bag, rubi silver boho bangles, transparent ring, three birds flying ring, white shoes

xxx Stylison xxx

Thursday, June 17, 2010

At starbucks cafe

Photos taken on 14/6/10, Monday

It was a sunny day, the weather was warm. I went to starbucks and did some studying there.

After staying some time at the mall, it was a little cool for me so I wore my Chanel scarf and my studded cardigan.

I ordered white chocolate mocha. Mocha is my favourite type of coffee brewed by Starbucks.

What: white sleeves top, denim shorts with belt, Cotton On drape studded cardigan, Chanel scarf, golden heart necklace, rubi boho silver bangles, Chanel logo ring, hoots ring, black braided headband, white shoes

xxx Stylison xxx

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Forever 21: Summer style

credits to f21 blog

I must share with you this! In the latest post posted on f21 blog, they featured this post"EYE-POPPING, ICE CREAM-MELTING SUMMER STYLE" .

I love these photos posted on forever21 blog. Eye-popping, bright makeup and clothes are pulled together to portray the youthfulness. Plus, I love the accessories worn by the models here. Bright colours are used in the makeup and I love it. The headbands are pretty. Headbands are getting popular with girls around the world. Modparade, stores at Haiji Lane are selling rabbit ear headbands. I think Im going to get one.

Rumi Neely on f21. Rumi Neely is a model and she is a fashion blogger for FashionToast. I am following her blog on Bloglovin.

I love this shoot of her with f21. It is a great honor to have a shoot with f21 and appear on billboards [at Times Square], taxis , buses.
I want to get the rabbit ear headband shown in the 5th picture![2nd row middle picture] The rabbit ear headband looks cute, isnt it?

xxx Stylison xxx

Saturday, June 12, 2010

I saw the sun that was shining bright down at me

Photo taken on 12/6/10, Saturday

Getting dress up for the tutor appreciation lunch today.
After taking some time off to think on what to wear, Ive decided to wear the green checkered oversized cropped cardigan and my denim high waisted shorts.

What: Green checkered oversized cropped cardigan, Runwaybandits denim high waisted shorts, white lacy floral sleeves top, Estee Lauder black patent bag, 3 birds flying ring, leather bracelet, Chanel leather bracelet, black braided headband, black oxford inspired shoes

xxx Stylison xxx

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Shopping Anyone?

Photo taken on 8/6/10, Tuesday

Sorry readers for some of the blur images taken.

Im going to meet a seller, toastfired. I bought Chanel-inspired sailor dress in navy from her.

I took a train down to CityHall to meet her. It was running. She was late but I waited for her. The wait was not in vain: the dress I received was brand new in package and its so pretty. I cant wait to wear it!

I wore my vintage polka dots purple blouse out and my favorite Chanel blazer out.

What: Vintage polka dots purple blouse, acid-washed denim shorts, Chanel-inspired blazer, yellow rope-like headband, rubi silver bangles, Chanel logo ring, golden ribbon ring, dark blue ankle boots, black quilted bag

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Im in love with Headbands

Im in love with headbands.
Headbands is a must to have this summer.
I browse through those photos uploaded by fashionistas around the world and in some of these photos, they wore a headband. The headband helps to spice up their outfit.

I have been going on shopping sprees adding headbands as a must-buy item.
I bought one yellow rope-like headband at Hooked on flea 3 and another black braided hair 2 days ago.
I love Forever 21 headband. Think Im going to get one soon and post it here to share with you=)

xxx Stylison xxx

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A day went by

Photo taken on 6/6/10, Monday

I had a movie date with my friend, Constance. We watched Prince of Persia. The movie was great and the I love the effects used in this movie-making. You should catch Prince of Persia, the 105minutes movie is worth the watch!

Before meeting Constance, I did some Maths at Starbucks and took some photos of my stuffs too=)

I wore this new studded cardigan bought from Cotton On. The cardigan is oversized but it gives the slouchy look which fits perfectly for my long torso.

What: Pink printed top, Cotton On black gold studded cardigan, Cotton On dark blue denim cuff shorts, leather bracelet, Chanel logo leather bracelet, Chanel logo ring, 3 birds flying ring,Chanel scarf, Pink hello Kitty bag,White shoes

Sunday, June 6, 2010

City+Flea Beat

Photo taken on 6/6/10, Saturday

I wen to Hooked On 3 flea with my friend, Yan Ting today. It was held at New Scape building. The flea was crowded with many trendy shoppers seeking for great buys. The place was non- air condition area and with the crowd, I perspired upon reaching.

I could not wa it to share with you my buys from the flea market. I got two rings for $9. A scarf Paris, the store vendor told me that she bought it in Paris...but she sold it to me for $3. A yellow rope-like headband and a floral printed bag.

I am satisfied my buys from the flea=).That is why I love flea market! You never know what you can find there at great prices!

After that, we went to Forever 21 and Yan Ting bought some accessories and clothes before we headed home.

What: Ohsofickle lace insert dress, Runwaybandits dark blue high waist cuff denim shorts, blue patent snake skin printed bag, dark blue ankle boots, leather bracelet, Chanel logo leather bracelet, transparent ring, hoots ring, Chanel ring

xxx Stylison xxx

Pick up my stuffs and lets go!

Photo taken on 3/6/10, Thursday

I went to few places and did my shopping today. I have decided to get this long black cardigan with golden studs from Cotton On. It is a beautiful piece. I will put on the cardigan other time and take photos to post up here!

I love this grey dress a lot and Ive decided to wear it on again. I grab my blue snake skin printed bag and some accessories before going out.[ and not to forget to grab my rings: I have a weakness for rings]

What: grey dress with flutter sleeves, Runway Bandits High waisted denim shorts, blue patent snake skin printed bag, necklace, blue hoots ring, Chanel logo ring, black oxford inspired shoes, pink aviators, black leather braclet, Chanel-inspired braclet

xxx Stylison xxx

Thursday, June 3, 2010

A walk by the river night

Photo taken on 1/6/10, Monday

I had dinner with my family at pu tian. We celebrated both my sister's and dad's birthday. The food was great and I love the dinner. After that, we did some shopping at the mall.

I love the dress Im wearing. The sleeves are beautifully structured. I bought this dress from odorikoya.lj
My mum bought the blue patent snake skin printed bag, it is so cute. Most importantly this bag is spacious enough for me to dump all my stuffs in.

What: grey dress with flutter sleeves, black tights, blue patent snake skin printed bag, necklace, golden ring, blue hoot ring, black oxford inspired shoes

xxx Stylison xxx