Sunday, June 6, 2010

Pick up my stuffs and lets go!

Photo taken on 3/6/10, Thursday

I went to few places and did my shopping today. I have decided to get this long black cardigan with golden studs from Cotton On. It is a beautiful piece. I will put on the cardigan other time and take photos to post up here!

I love this grey dress a lot and Ive decided to wear it on again. I grab my blue snake skin printed bag and some accessories before going out.[ and not to forget to grab my rings: I have a weakness for rings]

What: grey dress with flutter sleeves, Runway Bandits High waisted denim shorts, blue patent snake skin printed bag, necklace, blue hoots ring, Chanel logo ring, black oxford inspired shoes, pink aviators, black leather braclet, Chanel-inspired braclet

xxx Stylison xxx

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