Sunday, May 30, 2010

Right before going to flea market(Hooked Flea 2)

Photos taken 29/5/10, Saturday

It is another balmy day in summer. The sun was blazing hot. Many people on the streets are putting on their shades just like me(pink aviators).

I went to give tuition to a group of P5 and P4 students before going to Home Club to Hooked Flea

At Home club, there were many stalls and flea goers digging for loots in boxes and shoving through the clothes rack. I bought a pink over-sized top(with butterfly embroidery) at 4 bucks!!! I saw the blogshop seller from SMOKEFASH.LJ, she recognized me as I buy from her quite regularly. I bought a black top with golden colour buttons, it is so elegant at a lower price!!!
And I spotted odorikoya.lj stall inside the club. I bought a grey dress, with white sleeves from odorikoya.lj . The dress is so pretty!!I cant wait to wear it.

I love going the flea markets, I know that my buys are worth more than the prices!

What: Smokefash.lj military vest , Cotton On white tank top , Runwaybandits denim High waist shorts,dark blue ankle boots, silver boho bangles, hearts ring, Chanel ring

xxx Stylison xxx

Friday, May 28, 2010

Im meeting you

Photo taken on 24/5/10, Sunday

I met my friends Caryn and Karen in the evening to play l4d. Im really bad at gaming and kinda of screwing the game up.

After that, we went to Mos Burger. I stayed there for a while and I left.
Caryn took photos for me so that I can post it up here. Credits to Caryn!

The bleached denim jacket that I wore is one of my loots from online. I really love this piece! Its unique and it enhance my outfit overall. The hush-puppy tote bag is cute too.

WHat: Bleached denim jacket, black stripped spaghetti top, Cotton On dark blue denim cuff shorts, hush-puppy tote bag, silver boho bangles, owl ring, hearts ring,

xxx Stylison xxx

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Feathers under the sun

Photo taken 20/5/10, Thursday

It is getting warmer here with the temperature rising up to 38 degree Celsius. The heat is still bearable for me.

Summer cannot be fun without any nice clothings to wear. Most importantly, the clothes worn must be comfortable.

I pick my boho feather tee with bronze coins dangling on the tee. This is my favourite tee. To give the boho look I wear the bangles that my friend, Hui Min gave it to me. To complete the look I carried my black studded bag along.

What: Black boho feather top, Cotton On dark denim cuff shorts, black and silver bangles,black studded bag

xxx Stylison xxx

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mulberry Alexa Chung Bag

The latest fad gossip around is on the Mulberry bag that Alexa Chang is carrying.

I adore Alexa Chang for her taste in fashion. What she wore and carries never fail to charm me. Indeed she is a fashion icon for us to learn from.

I want to get one of the similar type of bag that she is carrying, like the one shown in the photo above. Mulberry bags are pretty and chic and it is hard for us to resist to those bags!

I wanted to get those bags. I had quite a difficult time deciding which colour should I choose. Brown is the colour that commonly found on bags on the street. Im deciding between cherry red and cream. Cherry red is a bright colour and it draws me and delights me. Whereas cream is a more neutral colour.

Sigh.... I cant made my mind on what colour bag should I buy!

xxx Stylison xxx

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Summer Love 2

Photos taken 15/4/10, Saturday

Summer is here for temperate countries but it does not make any difference in Singapore. In Singapore, we do not get to experience the 4 seasons and it is balmy and warm all year round.

I decided to wear something causal for today.

I picked the white lacy floral top(one of my favourite) and match it with my denim cuff shorts for a casual look.=)

What: floral top, Chanel- inspired blazar, Cotton On dark denim cuff shorts, necklace, pink aviators, rubi silver bangles, pink printed snake skin bag

xxx Stylison xxx

Sunday, May 9, 2010

chic militaire

Photo taken on 3 May 2010, Monday

Its a school holiday that day for students in Singapore, commemorating Labour Day.

What: Chanel-inspired blazar, white floral top, red new future skinnes, shoes, brown vintage bag, black feather necklace, pearl bracelet, leather bracelet

xxx Stylison xxx

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Floral Glam/Craze

Photo taken on 30 April 2010, Friday

Im looking foward to this day. Its a friday and my lessons end early on friday.
The weather was balmy and I decided to wear something comfortable.

I went to citylink then to marina square and then to suntec and took a bus back. I bought hazelnut bubbletea at carrefour for $2. It is a big cup and definitely worth.

What: mango spaghetti top, floral shorts, black outerwear, cottonon sandals, golden leaves brooch, golden ribbon ring, golden ring, pearl braclet with ribbon, Chanel-inspired braclet, black leather bag, feather necklace

Floral Craze

Photo taken on 25April 2010, Sunday

I decided to wear something floral on that day. I pulled my white vest to pair with the floral shorts. I love the vest as it has floral embroidery on it. I wore my black cardigan and off I went for my tuition.

What: Black cardigan, white floral vest, floral shorts, cottonon tanktop,shoes, hello-kitty tote bag

xxx Stylison xxx