Sunday, May 30, 2010

Right before going to flea market(Hooked Flea 2)

Photos taken 29/5/10, Saturday

It is another balmy day in summer. The sun was blazing hot. Many people on the streets are putting on their shades just like me(pink aviators).

I went to give tuition to a group of P5 and P4 students before going to Home Club to Hooked Flea

At Home club, there were many stalls and flea goers digging for loots in boxes and shoving through the clothes rack. I bought a pink over-sized top(with butterfly embroidery) at 4 bucks!!! I saw the blogshop seller from SMOKEFASH.LJ, she recognized me as I buy from her quite regularly. I bought a black top with golden colour buttons, it is so elegant at a lower price!!!
And I spotted odorikoya.lj stall inside the club. I bought a grey dress, with white sleeves from odorikoya.lj . The dress is so pretty!!I cant wait to wear it.

I love going the flea markets, I know that my buys are worth more than the prices!

What: Smokefash.lj military vest , Cotton On white tank top , Runwaybandits denim High waist shorts,dark blue ankle boots, silver boho bangles, hearts ring, Chanel ring

xxx Stylison xxx

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  1. Hey girl!

    I just found you blog and I like it. Your outfits are really interesting. Like this sailor outfit. And the shoes are amazing!

    Take care<3




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