Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Crosses and Strips

This is the Second outfit I took during my first photo shoot some time ago. I looked through my albums and decided to post it up here on Stylison. Lately, I experimented with the galaxy photoshop tool and edited lots of photos.I have applied the galaxy photoshop tool in some photos posted up here. I had lots of fun playing with tool, and love the sparkles added on my photos.
I have to give credits to Drew and Hong An for doing the photo shoot for me.I had lots of fun working with you guys and looking forward to the next one!

I turned to comfortable clothes and more simplistic styles of apparels. It is really hot here during this summer and I just feel like wearing simple clothes without thinking much on what design or style should I wear. It saves me a lot of time thinking. I realize that other fashion bloggers turn to minimalist style clothings too. I guess minimalism style is here to stay.

Revoir Dress: Lucy Acyd
Leafty Necklace
Chained Ring: chic-obsessions
Silver Headwrap with chains(worn as bracelet): Diva
Leopard Ring: Diva
Snake-skin Printed Clutch: Herwalk-in closet
Ribbon Tie Lace Flats: New Look
Fox-tail Keychain

xxx Stylison xxx