Sunday, November 25, 2012

Its been a long break!

Hi everyone!

It has been a very long time that Ive last post here and I decided to come back to my dear fashion blog, Stylison to blog about my loves on fashion again!

Although I have not blogged for a long time, my love for shopping is always the same! I will find time for myself [at least once in a week] to splurge on my temptations and buy beautiful apparels that I have been fantasizing about. Its just that I have no time to blog all my splurges and the things I love about fashion.... that are my excuses! 

Here are my latest shopping splurge:

ALDO loafers!!! 

It is like love at first sight when I saw this pair of loafers! Its yellow is bright in colour and when it fits my wardrobe staple, and I got this pretty loafers.

My little Pony phone dustcaps!!!

Having Dustcaps on phone is a fashion statement to make and it is trending right here in Singapore. It comes in all kinds of shapes and adorable patterns.

My 'dustcaps craze' right now, is My little Pony dustcaps! They are so adorable! As a child, I have My Little Pony toys and I would comb their mane and play with them, and now having this dustcaps brought back happy childhood memories for me. I bought many MLP dustcaps and selling some online.

Check out my instagram shop: ilovefleamarkets     and order your MLP dustcaps now :)