Sunday, November 28, 2010

End of Exam period=FUN!

Photos taken on 28/11/10, Saturday

Yays! My exams are going to be over soon! All I left is one more paper on bio mcq. But then I cant contain my excitement and the strong desire to shop again!
I went to Hooked flea market organised by freemansland at Haji lane.There are booths arranged on the two sides of the narrow street and coupled with the huge crowd, it really jammed up the entire lane. I scored a bag and dress-top all under $40 and quite satisfied with my loots. The best part is that I enjoyed the freedom to go to flea markets again after months of hiatus.

Black fluffer sleeves dress: Haji Lane
Lace insert bandage skirt: Locked up Stars
Red envelope bag: Online buys
Wolf tail keychain: Preorder Online
Black shoes: Plaza Singapura
Snake bracelet: Dorothy Perkins
Faceted Rhinestone Victorian ring: Forever 21
Chanel logo ring: flea loots;thrift buys
Pink fairy ring: Indiesin
Alexa watch necklace(gold): Cotton On
Headwrap with charms(worn as bracelet): Diva

Photos taken on 24 November 2010, Wednesday

I discovered these beauty art pieces on my way to the library at Esplanade. They are actually wall murals hand drawn on makeshift walls, its graffiti actually. When I took these pictures with my camera, it looks more like portrait.And I find these art work so interesting that I must post it and share on Stylison.

xxx Stylison xxx

Friday, November 12, 2010

Fishnet leggings is my new treasured item

Photos taken on October 2010

It has been some time that I last updated this blog. My exams have started so Im busy studying for my papers. Honestly I miss updating this blog and I wish to post something up here everyday, but my packed time does not permit me to do so. Just a quick update here with this outfit post which this photos have been taken a long time ago. Sorry for the late update.

I look forward to the end of my exams=)

Poufy lace sleeve tunic: Lockedup-stars
Fishnet leggings: ohsofickle
Black pleather boxy bag:
thrifty buys
Pearl braclets
Black ankle leather boots: New Look
Galaxy ring
Black four clover leaves ring

xxx Stylison xxx