Thursday, April 29, 2010

I love Black Weges

My latest shopping hunt is for shoes and I had found a pair of pretty shoes.
I just ordered a pair of black wedges online from pokeee.LJ
Love this pair of wedges, its so pretty! Cant wait to wear it!

xxx Stylison xxx

Saturday, April 24, 2010

My School Uniform

Photo taken on 24/4/10, Saturday

As a student, the only outfit that I can wear to school is my school uniform. We are not allowed to alter our uniform, and it dampens our creativity as the scope for us to wear what we want is limited.

I have to follow the strict school rules. Hence, I do not dress as what I want or alter my uniform. Even though the scope to play around is limited, we can remain fashionable in our uniforms. The things that we carry to school speaks alot. I play around with the accessories that I bring such as the bags and shoes.

I love this tote bag that I carried in this photo. It is cute and my cousin bought this in Japan. It is huge enough to put all my stuffs(I love big bags).The shoes that I wore in this photo gives me the very school girl look. I love this pair of shoes as it is comfortable and easy for my feet to slip in when Im rushing to school.

What I wore: my school uniform(white blouse and navy blue skirt), school badge, shoes, tote bag, clips

xxx Stylison xxx

Friday, April 23, 2010

Feather colours

Photo taken 8/10/09

Sorry that the photos uploaded here are small in size, if I enlarge it, the photos will turn out to be blur.

These photos are taken last year when I went to Sentosa with my choir friends right after our Promo examinations. Although, not everyone turned up, we had fun together from playing ball games to exploring along the beach.

What I wore: feather boho top, denim skirt, black bracelet, star necklace, blue wtach, silver ring

xxx Stylison xxx


Shopping is one of my hobbies and it serves as a great therapy as a stress reliever.
I love to do online shopping as it is convenient to shop and it saves time.
The flipside of online shopping is the exposure to a wide variety of goods at a time that never fails to tempt me to indulge in shopping.

My recent item that I tempted to buy is the Satin Batwing Top from Currently there is a clearance sale going on at the site and this top is really going at a reasonable price.
I love this top as it is black and classy. It is easy to match different types of clothes. If I get this top, I will wear it with high waisted shorts with top tuck in and match it with my black hairband with big bow from f21.

xxx Stylison xxx

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My new wallet

I cant wait to share to update this post on my blog! I bought a new wallet from forever21. It's a pretty one and it sparkles when light is reflected on it. I bought this wallet 2 days ago at 313@somerset. It comes in two colours:black and white. I choose the black wallet as black is my favourite colour!

Can't wait to carry my new wallet!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Summer Love

Photo taken on 18/4/10, Saturday

I met Beverley and we went to the flea market at pit building. The flea market was crowded as usual, and there are many great deals that can be found. I wanted to buy this brown bag but I didnt bought it. I thought that the bag is too small and not very practical for my use. Both Beverley and I bought handmade rabbits from a store.

I was looking forward to this day as I planned to wear my maxi dress. I bought this grey maxi dress online from Whatisdope. It is a very pretty piece that flaunt my back and torso. Really love this maxi dress!

What: grey maxi dress, brown vintage bag, black bangles, necklace, dark blue ankle boots with laces.

xxx Stylison xxx

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Fashion Bloggers from all over the world

It has been for some time that I had not update this blog. Lately, I am busy with school work and activities.

I want to introduce this fashionsta to all. Silvia Bergomi, that is her name. She is from Milan. She has a passionate interest for photography. Bergomi has a great taste for fashion. The clothes that she wear are elegant and I absolutely love them!Spotted her hype look on LOOKBOOK.NU.

It gives me a vintage feel, yet elegant.

Love this outerwear!
the nautical striped top fits so well with the boots!

xxx Stylison xxx

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Military parade

Photos taken on 2/4/10, Friday

Its Good Friday today and I went out for a movie date.
I cant wait to wear the military vest and ripped jeans on that day. Both the military vest and ripped jeans are bought in flea market. The military vest is brand new thou, but the ripped jeans is second-hand in great condition. The look I pull off look is of a rebel, I pair it up with a gold necklace to add some feminine touch.

What: military vest, black Mango spaghetti top, ripped New Future Jeans, Golden plated necklace(bought in Japan), Chanel ring, black bangles, leather bracelet, black quilted bag, black shoes

xxx Stylison xxx

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Fashion Bloggers from all over the world

I love to read fashion bloggers written by fashion bloggers from other countries. From New Yorkers to Parisian, the clothes that they wore never fails to thrill me with beautiful, simple and some intrigue designs and cuts. By reading fashion blogs, it gives me new insights to the trends in other countries.

Lousie Ebel is one of the those fashion blogger whom I admired for their styles. Ebel is one of the well-known fashionista on LOOKBOOK.NU
The clothes that she wear brings out the elegance and beauty of fashion. She is a Parisian and her clothes reflects the rich elegance of the Parisian fashion culture.
I love her style and cant get enough of it.

Louise Ebel blog (English translation available)

xxx Stylison xxx

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Photo taken--I couldnt recall the date but its sometime earlier this year

A dinner with my family at HolidayInn hotel.
I love the navy blue military dress that I wore, that is my favourite dress.

What: Military dress, Blazer, little black bag, pearl braclet, Chanel inspired bracelet, golden ribbon ring, dark blue ankle boots

Denim Mix

Photo taken on 28/3/10, Sunday

Im quite busy lately with school work and activities and that is why I didnt have much chance to update the posts this week except for today. Really cant wait for Good Friday to come as it will be a public holiday.

I decided to put on my denim jacket after looking through some of the photos on LOOKBOOK.NU
It gave me an inspiration to wear my denim jacket and match it with a bleached denim shorts for a causal look.

What: bleached denim jacket, black tee with embellishments, acid-washed shorts, chanel logo ring, ring with many hearts, chanel inspired bracelet,