Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Graffiti

It has been a long hiatus! Im back. Sorry for the blur photos cause Im using a digital cam to take the photos in the night and it dosent turn out well.Been busy lately and I need to make this a quick post.

I went to Haji Lane with my friend to get a gift for another friend, and we went in the night. I found that there are really cool graffiti on Haji decided that it will be a great spot to take photos.haha

Drappy Studded Cardigan: Cotton On
Vintage Skirt: from my Mum
x cross dress: ohsofickle
back chained pumps: sugar
3-way backpack: Princesses
Pamela Love Silver Triangle Ring

I want to share with you Richard Nicoll Fall/Winter 2011 fashion show. I really love his pieces in this collection. His pieces are neatly cut with a little tail at the end. Its a great collection!

thanks for reading =)

xxx Stylison xxx