Saturday, September 25, 2010

Red Indian mood

Photos taken on 4/9/10, Saturday

Hurray! My prelims has ended, but I have to prepare for my major examination and its about a month down the road. This makes me anxious. Meanwhile I update on my outfit posts. Dressing up makes me happy and it serves as a good distraction from my examination stresses.

Ive bought this dreamcatcher a year ago. I wanted to wear the dreamcatcher as a necklace but I stuffed it in my wardrobe and forgotten about it. Recently I packed my wardrobe and rediscovered this dreamcatcher, so I took it out and make it into a necklace.
Its pretty and it matches so well with my butterfly top.

The floral bag box looks like more like a lunch box to me but I used it to store my accessories: scarfs, rings, headbands. This floral bag is my favourite and one day I should carry it out with me.

butterfly blouse: online buys
dark blue denim cuff up shorts: Cotton On
dreamcatcher necklace: at an one-off event to promote awareness for red-Indian culture
rectangular transparent ring: flea market loots; thrift buys
silver snow flake ring: thrift buys
silver metal ring: mum gave me
golden-black clover leaf ring: online buys
double braided headband: accessories shop @ causeway point
floral bag box: flea loots; thrift buys

xxx Stylison xxx

Monday, September 13, 2010

Scarf and denim bf blouse

Photos taken on 5/9/10, Sunday

My exams have just started and they are ragging on.

I felt bored on that day so I decided to take some random shot of what I wore. I love the black denim boyfriend blouse that I bought, it is easily to pull off with anything to give a causal look.The anchor scarf from Cotton On and its definitely my favourite piece =)

ok Im going to sign off now to study for my exams.

denim boyfriend blouse: forever 21
dark blue denim cuffup shorts: Cotton On
anchor printed scarf: Cotton On

xxx Stylison xxx

Sunday, September 5, 2010

black and white images

Photos taken on 14/8/10, Saturday

Apologies for the late update on my outfit post.
Over this weekend I took photos of my outfit, will update them very soon!

I have made some changes to the writing style of the outfit post. Instead of using What and list down the things I wore in details, I think it will be clearer if I state top:-- shorts:--
hope that these changes helps =)

Top: black and white printed women, bought in Thailand
Shorts:denim shorts with flower denim belt, Mum gave it to me
Bag: black pleather boxy bag, thrift buys
Shoes: white shoes, thrift buys
Bracelets: Chanel black leather bracelet, online buys
black twisted bracelet, stall at jurong Point
Rings: light pink striped ring, toys connection
black Hello Kitty ring, imported from Hong Kong
Others: black shades, bought in Malaysia

xxx Stylison xxx

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fishnet leggings and f21 knee high tights

No outfit post again---so I decided to compensate by updating a buying post. My latest craze for knee high tights and leggings have not stopped me from buying new pair of f21 black knee high tights. The tights are in good quality. I kinda of worried that the tights will be very sheer and not in good quality because I ordered it from an online blogshop.

When I opened my parcel I smiled. I love the fishnet leggings. Its from ohsofickle. It is so pretty and I cant wait to wear it so I started trying it at home.

What: f21 knee high tights-socks, ohsofickle fishnet leggings

xxx Stylison xxx