Saturday, July 31, 2010

Black vintage bag

Photo taken on 25/7/10, Sunday

Apology for the late update on my outfit post. I wanted to update this post last week but due to some technical errors on my picnik, I cant really do the photoediting for my photos.

The clock ring was given to me by my sister. I have been searching for a clock ring like after I spotted one from f21 in a magazine a couple of months ago. The clock ring was sold out when I got to the f21 store. Recently, my sister wanted to get rid of her clock ring and she just gave it to me. I love the clock ring so much.

My parcel for my online purchase on a backpack had arrived. Really love the backpack, which it can be carried as a sling bag. Im satisfied with the colour and quality of the bag. I ordered the bagpack from Princessess.

What: pink Fred Perry blouse, Runwaybandits denim high waisted shorts, vintage scarf from my mum, black convertible vintage bag-bagpack, clock ring, hearts ring, hoots ring, golden ribbon ring, black shades

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sticky rock sweets

Photos taken on September 2010

Ok I dont remember the exact date that these photos are taken, but they are taken last year during my September holidays. I decided to dig out these photos found in my facebook album and post it up here.

I recalled that these photos were taken on the day when I went to this store " Sticky" my favourite candy store that sells delicious handmade rock candies. They come in many colours with many designs and I love the candies.
I love the biker jacket that I wore here. Its too warm to be worn in Singapore. I will try to wear the biker jacket during cooler days. I bought this biker jacket online for $20. Its definitely worth to buy=)

What: biker jacket, m)phosis sleeves top , white lacy vest, black shorts, brown faux leather bag, white shoes

xxx Stylison xxx

Saturday, July 24, 2010

my buys: f21 military button down skirt

One of my latest buys: f21 military button down skirt [black]
I bought this skirt online at sgflea LiveJournal. Its brand new in tag and its ordered from f21 US.
Ive been eyeing for the skirt for a long time and wanted to get it but the price of the skirt was beyond my budget. Till recently, someone posted at sgflea that she was letting go the military buttondown skirt for $25 so I made up my mind to get it=)

I gasped in delight when I tore open the parcel. The skirt is so chic and pretty. I tried the skirt on and its reaches right above my knee, not too short or long for me.

Really love the skirt a lot and cant wait to wear it!

xxx Stylison xxx

Monday, July 19, 2010

Criminal stripes

Photo taken on 18/7/10, Sunday

After going for GP tuition

f21 Madeline black woven hat

Went to Orchard road today to meet up another blogshop owner to swap my stuffs. I passed to the girl my quilted bag and in return I got light pink Fred Perry shirt. I love it so much.

I was miserable the whole day because I am drenched. I hate to get wet in the rain.It was raining when I got out and the worst thing is that I forgot to bring my umbrella out.

I bought f21 Madeline black woven hat. The hat is so pretty and it remains me of the hats in Coco Chanel's hat collection. And I love the colour; its black in colour. Its the last one on shelf and I couldnt resist it. It took me some time to decide whether should I buy the hat or not. I bought it in the end and adore it! I cant wait to wear my new straw hat=)

The striped cardigan I wore is from Cotton On. I bought it the day before. I wanted this cardigan badly for a long time but didnt get it. But, it was on sale for 5 bucks at the Jurong Point store outlet and so I bought the cardigan! Love this piece to much!

What: Cotton On striped long cardigan, eatingzombie white blouse, Cotton On dark blue denim cuffup shorts, Bonia vintage bag[from mum], brown oxford inspired shoes, golden ribbon ring, hoots ring, Chanel logo ring, hearts ring bought in taiwan, huge heart ring

xxx Stylison xxx

Sunday, July 11, 2010

FLB flea market

Photos taken on 11/7/10, Saturday

Went to FLB flea market today. I went with my friend and we reached around 6pm at scape youth park. The place was so crowded, filled with rows of booths and shoppers.

I bought white blouse from eatingzombie [the top is so sweet],a second-hand checkered boyfriend top and a ring from mojoavenue.

Had to thanks my friend for accompany me down to the flea today.

What: whatisdope grey maxi dress, vintage denim vest from my mum, grey vintage scarf[mum's], rubi silver boho bangles,black braided headband, hoots ring, hearts ring, f21 golden plated butterfly rings with rhinestones, red alexa chung mulberry bag, white shoes

xxx Stylison xxx

Friday, July 9, 2010

Boyfriend blazer

Photo taken on 7/7/10, Wednesday

I met Karina after her last paper for midyear exams, and we watch Eclipse.

After that we went to forever 21 and spent our time away digging for rings=)
I found a golden plated butterfly rings with rhinestones. Love the butterfly ring so much and I bought it. It was tagged at $11, but the cashier told me it was going at $9=)
I cant wait to wear the butterfly ring!

What: Ohsofickle boyfriend blazer, navy blue sailor dress, Cotton On dark blue denim cuff up shorts, black tights, nautical scarf, red alexa chung mulberry bag, black Chanel leather bracelet, black twisted bracelet, hoots ring, golden ribbon ring, Hello Kitty ring, white shoes

xxx Stylison xxx

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Grandma's birthday celebration

Photo taken on 27/6/10, Sunday

These photos are taken on my Grandma's and my aunt's birthday celebration, and the day before my Economics paper. My family travelled to the North-east of Singapore, Senkang to my cousin's house. On this day, my relatives gathered specially to celebrate my grandma's 87th birthday.

I took some time out from my mugging session and had fun with my cousins. We did 87straw hearts to present to my grandma. My cousin brought his polaroid and we took photos using polariod, digital carmera and DSLR. My cousin pasted the plolaroid photos on the black board, sign off with it and presented to my grandma.

I had much fun on that day and love the delicious food especially prepared=)

What: Odorikoya grey dress with flutter sleeve, denim highwaisted skirt, golden necklace bought in Japan,hello kitty ring, hoots ring, Chanel logo ring,Chanel black leather bracelet, black twisted leather bracelet, red mulberry alexa chung bag

xxx Stylison xxx

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My loots!!!

My loots!!!

Im so happy now! I sat for my last paper for my mid-years exams today.
Promised that I will upload my looks from last week as soon as possible=)

I meet up two online blogshop sellers today. I bought ohsofickle grey boyfriend blazer and swap my black patent bow belt for a black satin bow ribbon.

Cotton On is having sale.Went to Cotton On and bought the nautical printed scarf. The scarf is on sale!

Took photos of the blazer, black satin ribbon and a Cotton On nautical printed scarf.

xxx Stylison xxx

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy Chocolate Day

Photo taken on 26/6/10, Saturday

Its has been more than two weeks that since I last posted on my daily outfits. Sorry readers, I have been busy with my upcoming exams, it will end next tuesday. I took advantage of the weekdays to post some of the photos that I took in the previous week.

To make it up for you, I uploaded many photos this time round=)
These photos are taken last Saturday, before and after tutoring my Primary 5 students=) They are adorable and mischievous at times....they are kids after all.
I want to thanks Shein for helping me to take some shots=)

Love the hello kitty ring[last photo]. I bought a few: one for myself, my cousin and my friend=) Its pretty and I wanted to buy it at first sight!

What: pink and black checkered blouse, white vintage floral vest[mum gave me], Cotton On dark blue denim cuffup shorts, white spaghetti top, black shades, hello kitty ring, Chanel black leather bracelet, black twisted leather braclet, red Alexa Chung mulbery bag, white shoes

xxx Stylison xxx

Friday, July 2, 2010

I bought Shoes!

Photos taken on 02/7/10, Friday and June2010

Sorry readers! I had not post for a long time due to the time spent on studying for my exams. I had a mini weekend break before my last paper on next Tuesday.Next Monday is a school holiday in lieu for Youth day celebration.

I decided to post the shoes that I bought recently.

[4th and 5th photo]I bought a pair of WFC Jodie ankleboots from NewLook weeks ago, but I didnt have the time to post it up here. I really adore this pair of boots and I cant wait to wear it. Haven't really got the chance to wear it.

[1st and 2nd and 3 rdphoto ]I promised myself that after today's economics case study paper, I will head down to the Cotton On store at Lot 1. I dont intend to buy anything but just to take a peek on the sale items, but ended up purchasing a pair of grady sneakers in floral. It is retailing at AUD19.95. The pair of sneakers is on sale at $10. I thought it was at $5 and I wanted to get that pair immediately, it was the last pair left on the shelf at Cotton On Body[ the store at lot1cck Cotton On is linked to the Cotton On Body store]. At the counter, the sales girl checked and told me its $10 not $5 for the shoes=( Im kinda of disappointed, I wanted to buy another scarf at $5[on sale] but I didnt bring enough cash. So I gave the scarf up and bought the shoes.

The floral docs that was wore by Iris from Fashion Zen inspired me to buy this pair of sneakers. I think it look best if I wore it with a shorts and blazer with a sleeves top.Most likely I will get that scarf from Cotton On if it is still on sale.

Cant wait to wear these pair of shoes and post the looks up here=)

xxx Stylison xxx