Monday, July 19, 2010

Criminal stripes

Photo taken on 18/7/10, Sunday

After going for GP tuition

f21 Madeline black woven hat

Went to Orchard road today to meet up another blogshop owner to swap my stuffs. I passed to the girl my quilted bag and in return I got light pink Fred Perry shirt. I love it so much.

I was miserable the whole day because I am drenched. I hate to get wet in the rain.It was raining when I got out and the worst thing is that I forgot to bring my umbrella out.

I bought f21 Madeline black woven hat. The hat is so pretty and it remains me of the hats in Coco Chanel's hat collection. And I love the colour; its black in colour. Its the last one on shelf and I couldnt resist it. It took me some time to decide whether should I buy the hat or not. I bought it in the end and adore it! I cant wait to wear my new straw hat=)

The striped cardigan I wore is from Cotton On. I bought it the day before. I wanted this cardigan badly for a long time but didnt get it. But, it was on sale for 5 bucks at the Jurong Point store outlet and so I bought the cardigan! Love this piece to much!

What: Cotton On striped long cardigan, eatingzombie white blouse, Cotton On dark blue denim cuffup shorts, Bonia vintage bag[from mum], brown oxford inspired shoes, golden ribbon ring, hoots ring, Chanel logo ring, hearts ring bought in taiwan, huge heart ring

xxx Stylison xxx


  1. Great taste of fashion you have!!Carry on like this!

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  2. beautiful cardigan
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  3. Love the stripes! Beats any accessory!

  4. i love this look!
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  5. You look so sweet. Great cardi and bag.

  6. nice loook :) Check out my blog too? :)


  7. the stripes r cute as hell!!

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  8. I was at the store and saw that little black hat, too cute!


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