Saturday, July 31, 2010

Black vintage bag

Photo taken on 25/7/10, Sunday

Apology for the late update on my outfit post. I wanted to update this post last week but due to some technical errors on my picnik, I cant really do the photoediting for my photos.

The clock ring was given to me by my sister. I have been searching for a clock ring like after I spotted one from f21 in a magazine a couple of months ago. The clock ring was sold out when I got to the f21 store. Recently, my sister wanted to get rid of her clock ring and she just gave it to me. I love the clock ring so much.

My parcel for my online purchase on a backpack had arrived. Really love the backpack, which it can be carried as a sling bag. Im satisfied with the colour and quality of the bag. I ordered the bagpack from Princessess.

What: pink Fred Perry blouse, Runwaybandits denim high waisted shorts, vintage scarf from my mum, black convertible vintage bag-bagpack, clock ring, hearts ring, hoots ring, golden ribbon ring, black shades


  1. I love the photos:)))

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  3. I love your collection of rings. You're a sweet thing.

    love always.

    hope to hear from you

  4. thanks darling.thats so sweet of you=)

  5. i adore your bag!! and you outfit is so cute!! love the all the accessories as well!!


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