Friday, July 2, 2010

I bought Shoes!

Photos taken on 02/7/10, Friday and June2010

Sorry readers! I had not post for a long time due to the time spent on studying for my exams. I had a mini weekend break before my last paper on next Tuesday.Next Monday is a school holiday in lieu for Youth day celebration.

I decided to post the shoes that I bought recently.

[4th and 5th photo]I bought a pair of WFC Jodie ankleboots from NewLook weeks ago, but I didnt have the time to post it up here. I really adore this pair of boots and I cant wait to wear it. Haven't really got the chance to wear it.

[1st and 2nd and 3 rdphoto ]I promised myself that after today's economics case study paper, I will head down to the Cotton On store at Lot 1. I dont intend to buy anything but just to take a peek on the sale items, but ended up purchasing a pair of grady sneakers in floral. It is retailing at AUD19.95. The pair of sneakers is on sale at $10. I thought it was at $5 and I wanted to get that pair immediately, it was the last pair left on the shelf at Cotton On Body[ the store at lot1cck Cotton On is linked to the Cotton On Body store]. At the counter, the sales girl checked and told me its $10 not $5 for the shoes=( Im kinda of disappointed, I wanted to buy another scarf at $5[on sale] but I didnt bring enough cash. So I gave the scarf up and bought the shoes.

The floral docs that was wore by Iris from Fashion Zen inspired me to buy this pair of sneakers. I think it look best if I wore it with a shorts and blazer with a sleeves top.Most likely I will get that scarf from Cotton On if it is still on sale.

Cant wait to wear these pair of shoes and post the looks up here=)

xxx Stylison xxx


  1. Love the print in first pair!


  2. elevensundays: ok I will wear it soon=)

  3. Wow, the print on the first pair of shoes looks a lot like mine!

  4. oh i am SO jealous!
    loving the blog
    great posts!
    stop by some time xx


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