Saturday, July 24, 2010

my buys: f21 military button down skirt

One of my latest buys: f21 military button down skirt [black]
I bought this skirt online at sgflea LiveJournal. Its brand new in tag and its ordered from f21 US.
Ive been eyeing for the skirt for a long time and wanted to get it but the price of the skirt was beyond my budget. Till recently, someone posted at sgflea that she was letting go the military buttondown skirt for $25 so I made up my mind to get it=)

I gasped in delight when I tore open the parcel. The skirt is so chic and pretty. I tried the skirt on and its reaches right above my knee, not too short or long for me.

Really love the skirt a lot and cant wait to wear it!

xxx Stylison xxx


  1. I'm sure that if you match it with some things the outfit will be amazing!

  2. ooo i love it, looks like it will be so versatile and easy to wear :)

  3. great skirt and blog

    come see mine

    i follow you, you follow me??

  4. that's a lovely skirt! x


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