Saturday, April 24, 2010

My School Uniform

Photo taken on 24/4/10, Saturday

As a student, the only outfit that I can wear to school is my school uniform. We are not allowed to alter our uniform, and it dampens our creativity as the scope for us to wear what we want is limited.

I have to follow the strict school rules. Hence, I do not dress as what I want or alter my uniform. Even though the scope to play around is limited, we can remain fashionable in our uniforms. The things that we carry to school speaks alot. I play around with the accessories that I bring such as the bags and shoes.

I love this tote bag that I carried in this photo. It is cute and my cousin bought this in Japan. It is huge enough to put all my stuffs(I love big bags).The shoes that I wore in this photo gives me the very school girl look. I love this pair of shoes as it is comfortable and easy for my feet to slip in when Im rushing to school.

What I wore: my school uniform(white blouse and navy blue skirt), school badge, shoes, tote bag, clips

xxx Stylison xxx


  1. love the shoes, and the bag too :)



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