Sunday, April 18, 2010

Summer Love

Photo taken on 18/4/10, Saturday

I met Beverley and we went to the flea market at pit building. The flea market was crowded as usual, and there are many great deals that can be found. I wanted to buy this brown bag but I didnt bought it. I thought that the bag is too small and not very practical for my use. Both Beverley and I bought handmade rabbits from a store.

I was looking forward to this day as I planned to wear my maxi dress. I bought this grey maxi dress online from Whatisdope. It is a very pretty piece that flaunt my back and torso. Really love this maxi dress!

What: grey maxi dress, brown vintage bag, black bangles, necklace, dark blue ankle boots with laces.

xxx Stylison xxx

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