Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mulberry Alexa Chung Bag

The latest fad gossip around is on the Mulberry bag that Alexa Chang is carrying.

I adore Alexa Chang for her taste in fashion. What she wore and carries never fail to charm me. Indeed she is a fashion icon for us to learn from.

I want to get one of the similar type of bag that she is carrying, like the one shown in the photo above. Mulberry bags are pretty and chic and it is hard for us to resist to those bags!

I wanted to get those bags. I had quite a difficult time deciding which colour should I choose. Brown is the colour that commonly found on bags on the street. Im deciding between cherry red and cream. Cherry red is a bright colour and it draws me and delights me. Whereas cream is a more neutral colour.

Sigh.... I cant made my mind on what colour bag should I buy!

xxx Stylison xxx


  1. Lovely post and yes I know what you mean, her style is so gorgeous! I think you should get the cream one because that means you can wear it with just about any outfit but then again, the cherry one sounds like a lovely idea too, grr, it's hard to choose!


  2. hey dear. thanks for your suggestion=)
    Im decided to get the cherry red one because it looks cute and I think this colour stands out in the streets.



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