Friday, May 28, 2010

Im meeting you

Photo taken on 24/5/10, Sunday

I met my friends Caryn and Karen in the evening to play l4d. Im really bad at gaming and kinda of screwing the game up.

After that, we went to Mos Burger. I stayed there for a while and I left.
Caryn took photos for me so that I can post it up here. Credits to Caryn!

The bleached denim jacket that I wore is one of my loots from online. I really love this piece! Its unique and it enhance my outfit overall. The hush-puppy tote bag is cute too.

WHat: Bleached denim jacket, black stripped spaghetti top, Cotton On dark blue denim cuff shorts, hush-puppy tote bag, silver boho bangles, owl ring, hearts ring,

xxx Stylison xxx

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