Sunday, June 13, 2010

Forever 21: Summer style

credits to f21 blog

I must share with you this! In the latest post posted on f21 blog, they featured this post"EYE-POPPING, ICE CREAM-MELTING SUMMER STYLE" .

I love these photos posted on forever21 blog. Eye-popping, bright makeup and clothes are pulled together to portray the youthfulness. Plus, I love the accessories worn by the models here. Bright colours are used in the makeup and I love it. The headbands are pretty. Headbands are getting popular with girls around the world. Modparade, stores at Haiji Lane are selling rabbit ear headbands. I think Im going to get one.

Rumi Neely on f21. Rumi Neely is a model and she is a fashion blogger for FashionToast. I am following her blog on Bloglovin.

I love this shoot of her with f21. It is a great honor to have a shoot with f21 and appear on billboards [at Times Square], taxis , buses.
I want to get the rabbit ear headband shown in the 5th picture![2nd row middle picture] The rabbit ear headband looks cute, isnt it?

xxx Stylison xxx

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  1. Forever 21 can do no wrong. It's all so cheap and cheerful. And Rumi, wow. No words.


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