Sunday, June 6, 2010

City+Flea Beat

Photo taken on 6/6/10, Saturday

I wen to Hooked On 3 flea with my friend, Yan Ting today. It was held at New Scape building. The flea was crowded with many trendy shoppers seeking for great buys. The place was non- air condition area and with the crowd, I perspired upon reaching.

I could not wa it to share with you my buys from the flea market. I got two rings for $9. A scarf Paris, the store vendor told me that she bought it in Paris...but she sold it to me for $3. A yellow rope-like headband and a floral printed bag.

I am satisfied my buys from the flea=).That is why I love flea market! You never know what you can find there at great prices!

After that, we went to Forever 21 and Yan Ting bought some accessories and clothes before we headed home.

What: Ohsofickle lace insert dress, Runwaybandits dark blue high waist cuff denim shorts, blue patent snake skin printed bag, dark blue ankle boots, leather bracelet, Chanel logo leather bracelet, transparent ring, hoots ring, Chanel ring

xxx Stylison xxx

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