Saturday, August 28, 2010

the sun was blazing hot and bright

Photos taken on 12/8/10, Thursday

Im so sorry about not updating any post on my blog for this whole week. Im had been busing studying for my upcoming prelims which is two weeks away.Feeling rather anxious for my papers.
I have to apologise again as I may not be updating any outfit post for the next of 1-2months as Im need to prepare for my leaving school examination to college. Most likely I wont be going out and dressing up much. But I will promise to update this blog with outfit post after Ive completed my A level exams =)

The period before examinations is the most stressful period in my education life and of course any students education life. The fear of under-performing and not making to the mark spurs me to study hard. So I made it a 'must' for me to abstain away from flea markets, shopping...which is quite a difficult task for me if you ask me not to shop.

After this examination, Im going to go for flea markets for sure and my junior college(high school ) graduation(prom) night. =)

What: Green t-shirt, Cotton On dark blue denim cuffup shorts, black convertible vintage bagpack, leather golden locket bracelet, black shades, Cotton On grady sneakers in floral, f21 golden plated butterfly ring with rhinestones


  1. Holy crap, I'm so jealous of your vintage bag.... I love it so much!

  2. Cute shoes!

  3. I love your ring, glasses and bag! :D x

  4. I like your outfit, and the ring and the bracelets are so lovely!!!

  5. I *love* your butterfly ring, it is too cute!


  6. OH babe... I know exactly how you feel... the exams period is the most stressful ever!


  7. the golden plated butterfly ring is my favorite. x you look good hun

  8. LA: oh thanks so much.yes! exam period is the most stressful and for me it will stretch up to months before I sit for my national exam.


  9. I love the bag and the bracelet!!! It's amazing :)

    Big kisses

  10. NIce vintage bag...I love vintage...

    follow me on twitter if you want

  11. i love a simple outfit like this, so affective and functional. the bag is gorgeous! loving your blog. definitely following :)

  12. i love the colour of the tee :)


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