Monday, January 31, 2011

Studs and everywhere with me---Studs

It have been pouring with heavy rains for few days and when the chilly wind blows; my hands turn cold, I start to freeze. It is the worse 'winter' I have experienced in all year round sunny Singapore. I am hoping that the rain storms will clear and the sun will rise and heat up the cold earth again. So how is the weather like in your country now? Is it bad? The news reports many incidents of snow storms and vehicles got stuck in thick snows.

Studded things becomes my new fad addiction. Im always attracted to anything studded. Studs are powerful tools that are able to bring out the attitude in outfits. I have been wearing this studded cardigan everywhere, to work, to meetup with friends. It becomes my favourite in my wardrobe. No matter what I put on, as long as I throw on this studded cardigan, my outfit will somehow look complete.

The f21 heart ring and the tear drop rings have become one of my favourite rings recently, and I have been wearing these rings around.

I managed to take clear shots with a little of sun. I went to the Hooked flea and bought ASOS grecian dress at a very low price and ordered CHANEL nail decor. Cant wait to put on the CHANEL decor on my nails.

I met up with Karen and Caryn. Caryn applied her baking skills and baked for my chocolate muffins. The muffins in this photo are in dark shades, but they are in lighter brown. I cant wait to try her muffin with the sweet mocha syrup she prepared. Thanks Caryn!

Drappy Studded Cardigan: Cotton On
Silk blouse: thrifted; flea market
Dark blue denim cuff-up shorts: Cotton On
Red studded skinny belt: Talisman's
Tear drop ring: thrifted, flea market
Red Heart shaped ring: Forever 21
pink fairy ring: Indiesin
Quilted Bag: thrifted; flea market
Dark Blue ankle shoes: Bought online

xxx Stylison xxx


  1. Love the rings and the cardigan, shoes look a little weird though
    xoxo, E.

  2. I love this look!
    Well done, girl!


  3. elline: thanks! I <3 the shoes cause its unique as there are flaps beside them.

  4. Barbara: thanks for the encouragment. I will visit your blog soon =)

  5. your rings are cute! and i know what you mean about always having that one piece you always wear!!!

  6. i can't get enough of studs! love the cardi!

    F. ( x

  7. Love the jacket details.. the nails are fabulous
    lee x

  8. thanks for stoppin' by my blog! I love studs too!!!

  9. Great blog girl! And those shoes are to die for.

    xx THE CHEAP

  10. Great outfit, love the cardigan!

  11. Beautiful! Great post!

    d e g a i n e

  12. I adore your outfit! I love the cardigan with the edgy studs, and the shoes are so unique and cute! You have great style :)

    VPV Intern

  13. Great style!Lovely rings!
    I'm a new follower on Bloglovin,I hope that become my follower too!

  14. you look gorgeous - i love the tear drop ring, i would't take it off either!

  15. I don't even know how many posts I have done on studs so far.
    Annnddd your nails are gorgeous.

  16. The ring on the right is so pretty! And I love your nails!
    Please check out my blog and follow me!

  17. i've had a stud addiction but now i'm trying not to buy any more studded clothes, shoes and bags haha.

  18. love your style, that cardigan is so lovely

  19. Love your blog. I'm following. So much inspiration.

    Check out my blog if you got time. It would mean the world to me. Just started.
    Karoline Kalvo


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