Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Urban style and edgy

Its winter season and I can feel the chilliness of the wind that blow down from the North in tropical country like Singapore. I dont get to experience and see snow personally as it does not snow in Singapore. Nevertheless, knits plays a great part in the clothes that I wore. It is hard not to adore knits! They are great pieces that I can mix and match to dress up to work!

Grey stripped knitted pullover: thrift shop
Grey shirt: Bought in Thailand
Vintage black pants: from my mum
3-way backpack: Princessess

xxx Stylison xxx


  1. Love your layering, and I agree, knits are fabulous, I can't get enough of them!

    Jenny @vpv

  2. you did such a lovely, unique layering job. i love it!!

  3. Suspenders!!! EEEP. They're attached to a bag? I've never seen that before. But I like this outfit :)

    Castle Fashion

  4. gorgeous!
    love your blog, please do keep it up!
    i'll be back for sure!
    and come visit COSMICaroline for an upcoming La Dama giveaway and a new photographer!


  5. Yasmeen Fahmy: it isnt suspenders. they are straps attached to the bagpack. I can take out the straps and carry it as a handbag as I want too=)

  6. CMA: thanks for the compliments and the support!thats what I really need I will continue to work hard in keeping stylison going =)

  7. Love your layering and I love knits too you might see snow but I bet you have the most amazing summer months xoxo

  8. A perfect outfit for a chilly day! I love your sweater. :)

  9. Such a cool look.. love the stripes
    Lee x

  10. simple but really nice outfit
    check out of mine blog and if you like it follow me and i will do the same

  11. I like your blog, its very nice... why don't we follow each other? Thanks, kisses.

  12. i like the multi-pattern layering you did. very nice.



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