Sunday, June 5, 2011

It has been a long time

New shoes :) All bought from New Look

I bought this blouse from Zara and it's my favourite and it caught my eyes because of its beautifully printed Datamation spots on it!

New sunglasses for me... with grey leopard prints on it!

It has been a long hiatus! I was busy with work matters and didnt have much time to update Stylison. I did took photos of my outfits, but I just could not pull out the extra time to update Stylison. I have not forgetten Stylison as it still remains one of the channels for me to express myself creatively.

Here are the photos of my latest loots. In Singapore, we are having the annual Great Singapore Sales. I am starting to hunt for new items to restock into my wardrobe and ready to shop till I drop!

xxx Stylison xxx


  1. Nice decoration, around in the world have various information blend subject and waiting for you.

  2. Lovely new buys! Especially love your shoes - great white pairs there, perfect for summer.

    x Michelle |


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