Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Drapy studded cardigan + Bow shorts

Photos taken on 2/12/10, Thursday

My exams had ended on Thursday and I have loving the life I have since then.
I went out with my friend to shop for my prom stuffs. Its fun to shop with her and she gave me advice on picking stuffs for my prom and she patiently waited for me to make decisions.

Drapy studded Cardigan: Cotton On
Bow shorts: Gonelikemagic
x cross dress: Oh so fickle
Quilted bag: Flea market
Golden Leaf necklace: Cotton On
Faceted Rhinestone Victorian Ring: Forever 21
Headwrap with charms(worn as bracelet): Diva
White shoes: thrift buys; flea market

xxx Stylison xxx


  1. I'm in love with your shorts and neclace . Exams don;t matter when you have such pretty accesories. I'm joking , but you really have cute stuff.

    alexandra @

  2. Really love this outfit. Love the studded cardigan and love that necklace! Follow each other?

  3. Those shorts are so cute! I love the shape and draping of them!

  4. Thank so much for your comment. Your outfit is fab. Would you like to follow each other ?? xoxo


  5. gorgeous use of accessories. I am loving the bag most of all. Stunning. x


  6. I love all your outfit!! Great short


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