Saturday, December 18, 2010

Studded fun

Photos taken on 8/12/10, Wednesday

This is my last date with my friends before I start work last Thursday. After Ive started work, Im busy during office hours and felt so tired after my work each day. No doubt that its eating up my life.This long holiday after my A levels is for me to enjoy before I start my uni term and not to find extra work to do. But all the effort made is worth satisfied when I receive my payroll.

So I wont be updating this blog much but I try to do it every weekends. I will try to update on my prom night asap after Ive scan my polaroid photos.

Last Thursday I met my friends to celebrate one of their birthday. Things did not go according to the plan but I had much fun with them anyway.

Drappy Studded Cardigan: Cotton On
Ripped knitted dress: Lipsy Ditsy
Snake-skin printed clutch: Herwalk-in closet
Dark blue denim cuff-up shorts: Cotton On
white shoes(slip-ons): thrift buys; flea market
rhinestone bird ring: Forever 21

xxx Stylison xxx


  1. ooooh great look!! That clutch is so amazing!!


  2. yor cardigan is amazing.. and handbag too! :) cool post and blog! im a new follower!

    Look my blog and if you like it, follow me :)

    xx :)


  3. that ring is way cool! it's so hard to keep a blog up while working. i feel your pain!!

  4. Love the oversized clutch!

  5. that ring is just lovely...
    soo cute!

  6. That looks sooo yummy.. love the ring!

    Miss Neira

  7. shredded knit, some bling, one sparkling nail and snakeskin pattern...makes one textured and interesting outfit!

  8. Delicious food! Your ring is fabulous!! xoxoxooo

  9. Great look girl! And I LOVE that red envelope clutch!


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